The Ciro-verse journal

Tackling Home Credit Default Risk with Machine Learning using scikit-learn

Data Projects / May 2, 2023

Discover how I used machine learning to predict home credit default risk using scikit-learn.

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Analysis of UFC statistics part 3: Fight statistics

Data Projects / Sep 9, 2022

The final chapter of my 3-part series where I look into UFC data. The focus of this chapter is data from the UFC core product: fights.

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Analysis of UFC statistics part 2: UFC Events statistics

Data Projects / Jun 30, 2022

This is part 2 of a 3-part series in which I extract and explore data from UFC events.

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Analysis of UFC statistics. Part 1: Web Scraping

Data Projects / May 6, 2022

Find out how I built and automated a web scraper to gather MMA fights data from the UFC statistics website. Explained in technical detail.

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The project that almost got me a job: analysis of house rentals in Mexico City

Data Projects / Apr 12, 2022

I almost got a job at a real state startup by doing an ETL and analysing two datasets of rentals from Mexico City. Find out how I did it.

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Largest 25 U.S retailers analysis

Data Projects / Mar 14, 2022

Imagining myself as a data analyst from a new retail company that needs to investigate its competition.

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