Welcome to the Ciro-verse

Are you looking for a data analyst, a front-end or full-stack developer? There is a Ciro for you! Presenting:

Ciro the Data Analyst

Ciro the Analyst has experience extracting, transforming, and analyzing data using Python and its many libraries for these purposes. Libraries like pandas, numpy, matplotlib, seaborn, plotly, scipy, wordcloud, etc. He also has extensive knowledge of Tableau Desktop, and a fair amount of knowledge of SQL (mainly Postgres), Excel, and Google Data Studio.

Ciro the Analyst studied four semesters of Physics at his local university (Universidad de los Andes, in Venezuela), which gave him a solid background in calculus and linear algebra, and an interest in statistics and probability. Check Ciro the Analyst’s journey at blog/data-projects

Ciro the Front-End Dev

Ciro the Front-end Developer has been developing applications in JavaScript and React since 2018. He had several clients across platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. Most notably, he worked with talktomira.com, a start-up that connects people with healthcare providers in the U.S at a low cost. Ciro the front-end dev is skilled with HTML, CSS, JS, TypeScript, React, and Redux. He also has experience in web optimization. Front-End Ciro’s journey is available at blog/front-end and portfolio

Full-Stack Ciro

Full-Stack Ciro has all of Front-End Ciro’s powers, as well as experience building unit tests for node.js and end-to-end tests with Cypress. He acquired these skills working for 321 Ignition, a website provider for car dealers in the U.S. During his time at 321 Ignition, Full-Stack Ciro learned how to work in an agile environment, having his first experience in a SCRUM team.

He also learned how to use GitHub Actions. Full-Stack Ciro has a fair amount of knowledge in Node, Python, Docker, Linux, and Azure (he has a certification in Azure Fundamentals). Last but not least, he built most of the backend of cirov.com website using WordPress.

Other Ciros

There is also Ciro the dancer, Ciro the weightlifter, Ciro the martial arts enthusiast, Ciro the french speaker, and more. You might get to know them later on if you decide to contact me, which you should definitely do.